Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Strugatsky Brothers

Anuman Interactive, a French publisher of consumer software, agreed with Le Pic Rouge to make a foray into the adventure game point'n click. 'Le Pic Rouge: The Inn of the mountaineer death' is based on a novel Strugatsky brothers published by Denoël. Arkady Strugatsky (1925-1991) and his brother Boris, born in 1933, are important writers of science fiction Soviet through this medium, they are engaged in deep challenged the Soviet regime, this which earned them some problems with censorship and some titles frozen until its fall.

This Red Peak is located in the Alps. That's when a police inspector, Peter Glebski, chose to chill during the holiday period. Scarcely had he arrived than the owner, Alek Snevar, whose voice is that of Benedict Allemane lining French Morgan Freeman, who holds this hotel with a cook-maid Kaïssa, invites him to follow in a room he has transformed into a museum in memory of a mountaineer who disappeared continue to haunt the premises, which he maintains the legend among tourists and whose dramatic misadventure is the origin of the name of the hotel. The facts seem to justify Alek because in this room, closed and uninhabited, smokes a cigarette next to shoes still wet. After learning of places and engaging in a bit of tinkering, Peter at the dinner will get to know different tenants, each more curious than each other: Simonet avid billiards, a hypnotist known Barnstork accompanied by Brunn, asexual he pretends to his niece, Moses supposedly businessman, conceited and vain, who stays in the company of his wife Olga whip it from time to time. Three other characters will appear during the game: Olaf Heenkus and Luarwick.

Strange phenomena occur in this location: Peter is also located in costs locked in her room almost immediately upon arrival. Reached out to price manipulation hazardous mirror, he will have ample opportunity to explore a hotel decor, full of details, alas interactive minima few objects populate the inventory without having provided use, sometimes not even a name.


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